1. A masterpiece




  4. Lee, please put some clothes on.


  5. A Creepypasta OC “Age:15 (When She died, she is basically the same age as ben) Story: She was kidnapped at a comic con. (hint her name KID Emma) She was cosplaying Ichigo From Tokyo Mew Mew. She was beaten very badly by the kidnappers. they thought she had died from the beating so they threw her in the ocean. but they didn’t realize that she was still alive. she had died by drowning. A few years later when a young boy who cosplayed Soul from Soul Eater was kidnapped. Emma came and killed the kidnappers. The boy said all he remembered was hearing the song “Hoist the Colors from Pirates of the Caribbean” mainly the first verse of the song. Kid Emma has a mysterious way of killing her victims. She makes them go through them same drowning she did but they were never near the water. Well i hope you guys like my creepypasta! “


  6. The one on the right stares rigt into my soul…


  7. (that’s a plane, i think)


  8. "sesshomaru ccrying for the death of his mate ( saying mate because he’s a demon ) jessica"



  10. Woah, super spooky!