1. Part 1 of a story in which the narrator describes his ‘sexy’ grandmother telling him about her old “special stripper” days


  2. Sir your eyes are escaping


  3. clothes (c) me


  4. This is the description:

    Yeah, so you wanna know why This baby kitten isn’t happy? well, her mother got killed by a drunk driver, and so did her sisters and brothers. She is the only one who survived. So please be kind and donate pointsPoints  so this kitten can find a home, a foster mother, and food, or else she might die too.

    omfg i’m dying this is too good



  6. "She’s a 16 year old half elf - mage, and used to be a princess but then the castle was under attacked and her parents alone was captured to be tested on by a bunch of evil goblins who was also after Ruby but she ran away to the woods, she decided not to go back as she did not want to be queen, she now wants to avenge her parents, they now claim she’s dead."




  9. Test paintings for planned ventriloquist dummies